Annual Reports

Annual Activity Report 2018

The report is a compilation of all the highlights of Pakistan Coalition for Education’s initiatives and accomplishments for the year 2018. PCE continues to create innovative advocacy strategies for the fulfillment of Article 25-A in line with SDG-4 by engaging all stakeholders and simultaneously capacitating both the demand side and supply side.

Annual Activity Report 2017

This report entails Pakistan Coalition for Education’s activities and accomplishments for the year 2017. It takes you through the multiple initiatives PCE took in line with its belief in ‘bottom-up’ approach to instill social change from the grassroots level by providing entry points to the citizenry to hold the government accountable and simultaneously, opening avenues for the government to engage with the citizenry and incorporate their demands into the policy making process.

Annual Activity Report 2016

This activity report outlines Pakistan Coalition for Education’s (PCE) achievements in 2016 as well as the new initiatives that were launched and completed. It showcases PCE’s engagement with the local communities at the grass roots level and how this engagement has successfully complemented PCE’s advocacy agenda. This report also aims to highlight how the outcomes of these initiatives were linked with the policy discussions at the national as well as the international forums through PCE’s participation and representation.


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